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When STRESS becomes too much.

Mag. Cornelia Kastner – Stress Prevention Expert



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  • Adjunct Professor at Webster Vienna Private University
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Certified Organisational Psychologist
  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach


    • Authenticity
    • Professionalism
    • Self-Efficacy

    Hello! I’m Cornelia.

    Psychologist & Stress Prevention Expert

    Why “stress” is such a relevant topic: Between pressures from work, family, society and ourselves, we can easily lose touch with what really counts. I frequently see clients struggling with sleep, feeling unhappy and experiencing overwhelm, purely because of the everyday-stressors they face. That is not how life should be. Therefore I made it my mission to support individuals and companies in mastering stress.

    Who I work with: While I am happy to support with any stress related issues, as an expert on the topic of stress prevention my primary goal is to intervene already before my clients experience actual illness. By assessing and tackling the root of the stress problem, I don’t just help my clients alleviate symptoms short term. Quite the opposite, my approach is to develop skills and habits, thereby enabling my clients to master stress better in the future.

    How I work: I’m not going to lie, I’m no fan of “one-size-fits-all” solutions and my approach reflects that. 
    In everything I do, I:

    • tailor the steps to my clients and my clients’ situations by drawing from a wealth of methods and experiences from work-psychology, clinical psychology and coaching.
    • rely on science-backed strategies, which I continuously stay up-to-date with through my appointment as a lecturer at two international universities.
    • ensure an authentic connection with my clients. I therefore commit to open and honest communication and a flexible set-up, starting from our very first contact.

    Information & Resources

    Based on my experience I have collected information and resources relevant to mastering stress.

    Coaching & Support

    As a psychologist and expert in the field of stress prevention, I offer individual coaching and support.

    Workshops & Group Offers

    On a regular basis I offer workshops and group coaching programs on the topic of stress prevention and mastery.

    Getting Started is Easy


    Free 20 Min Chat

    No strings attached and completely free. We use this chat to get to know each other and judge our “fit”.

    Book Appointment

    After our free chat, you have enough time to sleep on your experience. When you’re ready, you can easily book an appointment.

    1st Session!

    Now we can explore your stress factors in more depth and I can tailor my approach to your situation.


    Online Consultations

    Over the last few years I had the opportunity to collect lots of positive experiences with online coaching and counselling, which – in the meantime – led to this modality being my standard. I use Austria-based software “Therapsy”, which complies with all GDPR standards and allows for maximum security.

    In-Person Consultations

    Depending on availability, I also offer a limited number of in-person slots for consultations in my practice in 1010 Vienna. 

    Contact Me!

    Ask a question or book a call below.
    For psychological emergencies please call 112 or visit your nearest hospital!

    +43 677 6353 8440

    ONLINE or Grünangergasse 10/11, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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