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Perfectionism. Time pressure. A lack of boundaries. People-pleasing. Obsessive thoughts. Worrying.  These are some of the most common stressors impacting people today and ultimately preventing them from living more peaceful, balanced lives. 

If any of these stressors sound familiar, this 12-week program will help you take action and take back control.

With a tailored approach based on your individual stress profile, we’ll follow the same structured approach I have successfully used throughout my coaching and counseling career, to help you develop and implement strategies for long-lasting and sustainable change.  You can reclaim inner peace, and here’s how you’ll get there.

Your Milestones


Identify your personal stress profile.


Introduce a mindset model to counteract people-pleasing and perfectionism.


Optimize your individual stress and recovery patterns with implementation intentions.


Deal with worries, regrets and obsessive thoughts, by implementing primary and secondary control strategies.


Develop your boundary map and learn to enforce it with confidence.


Create a value-compass and apply the science of prospective psychology to create a more peaceful, sustainable life.

What’s included:


1-on-1 Calls

Three 1-on-1 calls with your coach (on-boarding, check-in, off-boarding), to discuss individual goals, questions, and challenges
(Week 1, Week 7, Week 12)



Nine pre-recorded 30-minute webinars, which will introduce new skills, concepts and exercises.

Weekly Group Calls

Weekly Group Coaching Calls to discuss progress, challenges and provide guidance.



Downloadable worksheets and mini-summaries of “need to know” concepts.


An online community moderated by your coaching team.  A place to ask questions, share your wins and discuss your progress with the group.

Ready to bring ease to your life?!

Sample Program

Week 1 – On-Boarding Call (1-on-1) & Group Coaching Call; Topic: Getting to know your why, meeting your group and gaining traction

Week 2 – Webinar input & Group Coaching; Topic: Understanding stress & stress prevention, identifying your Personal Stress Profile

Week 3 – Webinar input & Group Coaching; Topic: Pace & pacing, optimizing your stress and recovery patterns

Week 4 – Webinar input & Group Coaching; Topic: Defining,  communicating and enforcing boundaries

Week 5 – Webinar input & Group Coaching; Topic: Mindset Model, Part I – an independent mind, overcoming people-pleasing

Week 6 – Webinar input & Group Coaching; Topic: Mindset Model, Part II – overcoming perfectionism

Week 7 – Check-in Call (1-on-1) & Group Coaching; Topic: Taking stock

Week 8 – Webinar input & Group Coaching; Topic: Dealing with Rumination, guilt and regret

Week 9 – Webinar input & Group Coaching; Topic: Dealing with worries

Week 10 – Webinar input & Group Coaching; Topic: Values and strengths; develop your values-compass

Week 11 – Webinar input & Group Coaching; Topic: Resources and bringing ease to life

Week 12 – Off-boarding Call (1-on-1) & Group Coaching; Topic: Review, outlook & sustainability

Ready to bring ease to your life?!

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