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About Me

Learn more about my values, my aproach and my expertise.

On a personal note…

Aside from my obvious passion for psychology and developing a more healthy relationship with our everyday stressors, I am also a lover of coffee and travel. Born in Austria, I completed a part of my degree in Australia and lived in England for a time, where I had the chance to work with teenagers from all over the world. These days I am based in Austria, but travel to the UK frequently, as my partner is from England. My little family includes a young Golden Retriever, Lexi, who I am hoping to train as a therapy dog. However, at the moment she is still more interested in running and playing than accompanying sessions.

I happily work in German or English and hugely enjoy the fact, that by offering multilingual psychological services I get to work with internationals and people from various different cultures.

To learn more about my expertise and my values, read on below!

My path to working with stress

My interest for stress developed early on during my psychology degree, partly because I experienced intense bursts of it myself, partly because it was an absolutely fascinating phenomenon to me!
However, my passion for the field of stress prevention has developed and grown over the last 8+ years of my professional career. While others have chosen to follow one linear path to a specific job-role, I have gathered experience and expertise in different types of roles and positions, working in both, clinical and organisational settings. This allowed me to gain valuable insights about the shapes stress can take and the intensity with which stressful experiences can hit us. My path has also allowed me to develop an understanding of how people’s needs in times of stress are similar and how they differ.

Nowadays, I still seek out opportunities to grow and develop as a person, and as professional, always with one goal in mind: To continuously offer the best support to people and organisations that struggle with stress.

My Approach and Values

With  my background in occupational and clinical psychology, my approach focuses on the application of scientific principles to solve practical problems. My methods are not bound to one “school of therapy”, on the contrary, I draw on the most promising proven strategies from relevant scientific fields. These include psychological therapy, coaching, occupational psychology and health sciences.


In everything I do, I ensure the highest level of professionalism. This starts with the basics, such as confidentiality, planning and communication, and continues through to the science I apply, systems and technologies I use, and recommendations I provide.


Working on personal issues requires honesty and trust. Even scientific studies have shown the significant impact of a good connection between coach and client on the success of the process. In order to form such a connection, authenticity is key. To judge whether we connect, we will have an introduction call!


My approach is about understanding the roots of a problem and making conscious choices about change. I firmly believe that in order to create long-term success my clients need to be fully invested from the beginning on. Therefore all steps along the journey are (co-)designed by my clients.

My Experience

since 2020 Adjunct Professor at Webster Vienna Private University

since 2019 independent consultant for Deloitte Consulting Austria

since 2018 Lecturer for Work Psychology at Sigmund Freud Private University

since 2015 shareholder and Occupational Psychologist at the “Institute for Evaluation of Stress in the Workplace” (IEPB GmbH)

since 2015 Founder and Owner at Psynovations e.U.

My Qualification

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Certified Occupational Psychologist

Certified Positive Psychology Coach

I work with individuals, groups, & organizations.


Contact Me!

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For psychological emergencies please call 112 or visit your nearest hospital!

+43 677 6353 8440

ONLINE or Grünangergasse 10/11, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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