Coaching & Consulting

for sustainably less stress.

Coaching and counseling in an individual setting are the right thing for you if...

… you have the feeling of going under despite all your attempts to cope.

… you no longer know where to start and you lack the right strategies.

… you are aware of the problem, but still cannot bring about a lasting change.

… You are constantly overloaded despite being aware that change is necessary.

Advantages of coaching

Step-by-step process

You can rely on a step-by-step process in which you receive professional support from the very beginning.

Tailor-made approach

Every client is different, so our process is personalized for you.

Situation analysis

We start the process with a detailed situation analysis. This shows us the best approach.


Coaching in an individual setting is ideal for guaranteeing the highest degree of confidentiality.

Scientific methods

All methods originate from psychological science. I am not bound to any therapeutic school.


Support when and where it is best for you; adapted to your needs and availability.

About coaching:

I regularly have conversations like the following with first contacts:

Client: “When is the best time to start coaching?”

Me: “Now.”

Client: “But I’m not ill. Isn’t it too early for that?”

No, absolutely not! On the contrary, unlike therapy, coaching focuses on healthy clients in challenging life situations. Therefore, the optimal time to start coaching is always the moment when you realize that something “doesn’t feel right” (e.g. the “work-life balance” is no longer right, the stress level is too high, your well-being is no longer there, etc.).

My coaching process always begins with a detailed situation analysis and an analysis of existing stress factors. I then support my clients in prioritizing the individual aspects. We then tackle them together, one by one.

Coaching is an interactive process, I bring in my expertise and experience, ask important questions and bring along relevant exercises and tasks, as well as many other working materials. My client, on the other hand, brings in his/her challenges from everyday life.

The aim of the process is not merely to alleviate stress symptoms or to learn interventions that are only helpful in the short term. On the contrary, the focus is on learning new skills and establishing helpful habits. This is the only way we can effectively and sustainably reduce stress levels.

An easy start:


Free initial consultation

The 20-minute initial consultation takes place by telephone and is of course free of charge and without obligation. Together we assess our fit for the collaboration.

Make an appointment

After our first meeting, take some time to “sleep on it”. As soon as you have made your decision, simply book your first unit.

First unit!

Now we can explore your stress factors in detail together and I can design an intervention plan tailored to your individual needs.

Frequently asked questions:

Is counseling/coaching the same as therapy?

No, not at all. Coaching/counseling focuses on helping healthy people to overcome a crisis or difficult life situation. Therapy focuses on the treatment of mental illness.

I currently feel overwhelmed. Can I register for coaching?

In any case! That’s exactly what I’m here for. Feel free to contact me for a non-binding introductory meeting, then we will see together how I can best support you. Without any obligations 🙂

What is your professional qualification?

I am an occupational psychologist and clinical psychologist and have additional training in positive psychological coaching. My lecturing activities at two international universities also keep me up to date with the latest developments. Would you like to know more about me? Please click here.

I’m still not sure whether coaching is the right thing for me. What else could I do?

If you like, you can subscribe to my free newsletter to get a better impression of how I work. Please also take a look at the “Information and documents” section, where you will also regularly find new input.

How long do coaching sessions last?

And how much do I have to invest?

Each session lasts around 45 minutes and costs €130. The introductory meetings last about 20 minutes and are of course free of charge.

How many units will I need?

As I promise all my clients an individually tailored process, I do not sell “standard packages”. Many of my clients are satisfied with their progress after just 5-10 sessions, others like to stay longer. In any case, no commitment is necessary.

Book an appointment

Register for a non-binding introductory meeting:
Please state your preferred weekday(s) and time slot. I’ll get back to you with suggested dates for our conversation!

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