About me

More about my values, my approach and my expertise.

To me personally…

In addition to my passion for psychology and methods for developing a healthier approach to our everyday stress factors, I am a self-confessed coffee lover. As a native Austrian, I completed part of my studies in Australia and lived in the south of England for a long time. There I was able to work with teenagers from a wide variety of countries. I now live in Vienna again, but still travel to England frequently as my partner is from there. In 2020, our little family expanded to include our young Golden Retriever Lexi, who will sooner or later be working alongside me as a therapy companion dog. At the moment, however, she is still much more interested in conspecifics and balls than in stress prevention units.

I work in both German and English and am always happy when my multilingual work gives me the opportunity to work with international clients from different cultural backgrounds.

To learn more about my expertise and values, read on!

My way to work with stress

My interest in the subject of stress developed many years ago while I was studying psychology, partly because I repeatedly experienced intense periods of stress myself, and largely because I found it to be an absolutely fascinating phenomenon. However, my passion for the field has grown significantly over the last 8+ years of my career. While others have chosen the direct path to a specific professional position, I have gained experience and expertise in different areas, roles and positions – both in clinical settings and in companies. This gave me valuable insights into the various manifestations and characteristics of the phenomenon of “stress”. And I have seen time and again how different the triggers and the intensity with which stress can hit us can be. This path has also helped me to develop a (professional) understanding of the extent to which the needs of people suffering from stress coincide and where they differ significantly.

Today, I continue to take every opportunity to develop, educate and stay current (both professionally and personally), always with one thing in mind: to consistently and reliably provide the best possible support to individuals and organizations under stress.

My approach and my values

As my training is rooted in scientific psychology, my approach is always focused on applying scientific knowledge and principles to solve practical problems. My methods are not bound to one therapeutic direction, on the contrary, my repertoire of methods includes the most promising, well-founded strategies and tools of the relevant directions. These include psychological therapy, coaching, occupational psychology and health sciences.


The highest level of professionalism is always at the forefront of all my undertakings. It starts with the basics, such as confidentiality, planning and communication, and continues with the science I apply, the systems and technologies I use and the recommendations I make.


Dealing with personal issues requires honesty and trust. Even scientific studies show the significant influence of a good interpersonal relationship on the success of the psychological process. Authenticity is essential to enable such a relationship. To make sure that we are a good match, we first have a non-binding initial consultation.


My approach is about understanding the cause of the problems and making conscious decisions to change. I am convinced that long-term success can only be achieved if my clients are behind the process right from the start. This is why we always develop all steps and make decisions together.

My experience

Adjunct Professor at Webster Vienna Private University since 2020

since 2019 independent consultant for Deloitte Consulting Austria

Lecturer in occupational psychology at the Sigmund Freud Private University since 2018

Partner and occupational psychologist at the “Institut zur Evaluierung am Arbeitsplatz GmbH” (IEPB) since 2015

since 2015 Founder and owner of Psynovations e.U.

My qualification

Registered clinical psychologist (PG 2013)

Certified occupational & organizational psychologist

Certified Positive Psychology Coach

I work with individuals, groups and organizations.


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+43 677 6353 8440

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